IAC's Founder Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. writes for:.


  • Dr. DigiPol - Caring About Politics in the Digital Age. This is Alan's personal Blog. It includes essays on digital politics and the issues of the day.
  • TechPresident.com - TechPresident.com offers commentary on how the presidential candidates are using the web and how the web is using them from a team of digital strategy experts.
  • The Internet Advocacy Clinic at Care2. This is Alan's activist training group at Care2's online community of more than 5 million progressive activists. Topics include how to be a more effective online activist and organizer.

Not So Current

  • Morph. Morph is the Blog of The Media Center. The Media Center is a nonprofit think tank committed to building a better-informed society in a connected world. Alan is one of several authors that contribute to Morph. Alan's articles can be found in the archives od Morph.
  • Moving Targets - Moving Targets is the blog for the Moving Ideas Network, a hub of over 200 progressive non-profit organizations. Alan is the editor and writes the blog, focusing on policy issues and advocacy campaigns.

IAC's Online Community Facilitator David Pierpont writes for:

  • Dulles Area Democrats. David co-founded this community forum for Democrats in the Dulles Airport region of Virginia.